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  • Coronavirus outbreak 2020 Roxanne Chia Realty
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    How Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Affect Property Prices?

    A lot of people assume that prices will fall for sure, and that it’s going to happen soon. After all, a global virus outbreak like this can threaten to rock economies and the stock markets. Talks of recession loom even darker overhead. It’s almost as if people want a recession to happen. However, instead of speculate, I prefer to look at trends, facts and figures. In today’s video, I touch upon 3 main relevant points: Comparison with property price trends during the 2003 SARS period Latest developers’ actions How the current and future supply will change *Disclaimer: Any opinion in all blog posts are solely mine and do not represent…

  • 2018 vs 2019 private residential Roxanne Chia Realty
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    Report: Private Residential Insights 4Q 2019

    Many of my friends have the perception that pricing will fall, so they’re all waiting to make that purchase. However, I always believe in looking at facts and trends rather than speculate. According to the numbers of transactions, new private residential projects are moving, with a 12.7% year-on-year increase in volume of transactions. The top 5 transacted new launch condos for this period are: Treasure at Tampines Parc Esta The Florence Residences Parc Clematis Piermont Grand (You can read about why I bought a unit at The Florence Residences here.) OVERSUPPLY With the current oversupply of new launch units, developers have to price their projects competitively in order to meet…

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    Video: 3 Types of Property Owners

    Are you the kind of shopper who simply *has* to buy something every time you go out? If you are, then it’s a good thing property is so expensive. 😂 But seriously, what kind of property you end up buying at any one time depends largely on where you are in your home ownership stage. Are you a first-timer? Or do you already own a property? Perhaps you have more than 1 property under your name. Whenever you buy a home, regardless of whether you stay in it, it is an investment. It’s always wise to put money where it can grow. Find out which type of property owner you…

  • Condo Near MRT Roxanne Chia Realty
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    Video: Why You Should Buy a Condo Near an MRT Station

    Living in Singapore, I’ve had the luxury of connectivity and convenience 24/7. Even though while growing up, our home wasn’t located exactly near an MRT station, there was always one just a short bus ride away. Now, more MRT stations are being built all over our city to improve our transport network. Though I personally prefer living somewhere quiet and away from the crowds (and never-ending construction, oh god the constructions), we can’t deny that being steps away from an MRT station has its perks. There is a reason such condo projects command a higher psf. I talk about why you should buy a condo near an MRT station in…

  • how to afford dream home Roxanne Chia Realty
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    Video: How to Afford Your Dream Home?

    What does your dream life look like? What are you doing on a daily basis, where are you going, what are you eating? Where are you living? For me, my dream life is living by the beach, completely relaxed and focused. I’d be sipping on a virgin mojito to combat the summer heat, blogging/writing on my laptop and checking up on my investments on my mobile phone. Oh yes, and Kygo is playing in the background. I’d have no worries about money because I’m in the pink of health. I do Pilates every morning (or afternoon, if I’m still not quite the morning person). Maybe it could be Bali, maybe…

  • why buy new launch condo Roxanne Chia Realty
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    Video: Why Should You Buy a New Launch Condo?

    2 posts ago, I blogged about why you should buy a resale condo. As mentioned in that post, whether it’s a resale or new launch condo, what you get should suit your lifestyle and where you are in the property investing journey. In today’s market, new launch condo units may seem more expensive than resale condos. But: Is price the determining factor when it comes to property purchase? Why should you pick a new launch condo over a resale one? I explain in further detail in this video below, first published on my Facebook page. There are today several good projects around Singapore and investors (both local and foreign) have…

  • Roxanne Chia Realty - What is Balloting
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    Video: What is balloting?

    You’ve probably heard the word “ballot” when it comes to new launch property. What does balloting entail and when does it occur in the home buying process? There are two parts to this topic, and both videos are in this blog post. Part 1 is what happens before the balloting day, and part 2 is what happens on the balloting day. I hope you’ll find this useful! As I am a CEA-registered real estate salesperson, I am licensed to market and sell property in Singapore. My clients come first in all my dealings and I look forward to establishing a long-term working relationship with you. If you’re in your thirties…

  • resale condo Roxanne Chia Realty
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    Video: Why Should You Buy a Resale Condo?

    There are two kinds of condos in Singapore – new launch and resale. (Of course, there is also the question of a leasehold or freehold condo. Luckily for you, I have just the video published here.) In today’s residential property market, is it better to buy a new launch or resale condo? There are reasons that can justify both, you have to pick the ones that are more relevant to you. Some points that support getting a resale condo include: They are generally priced lower than new launch condos. You can move in immediately and don’t have to wait 3-4 years. Resale condo apartments are usually larger in size. Do…

  • freehold vs leasehold properties Roxanne Chia Realty
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    Video: Freehold vs. Leasehold Property – Which is Better?

    Keeping to the Singapore context, there is a misconception that freehold property is always better than leasehold property. Just because the freehold property remains in your name “forever,” it doesn’t mean that you overlook leasehold property completely. Some things you have to consider when buying property include: Will you be staying in this property? How old will you be when you make this purchase? What about if and when you are to sell this property in the future? What is the difference in the lifestyle of both property types? Owning a leasehold property now can actually help you to be in a better position when you retire later on. In…

  • reliable real estate agent Roxanne Chia Realty
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    Video: How to Pick a Reliable Real Estate Agent

    One of the reasons I became a realtor at the time was because I didn’t want to be scammed into buying a property by some dubious agent out there. I wanted to learn about the property market so that I could make an informed decision myself when it was time for me to buy something. Now that I’ve seen – and lived – what it’s like, here are some of my tips for you on how to pick a reliable real estate agent. (Also, if only my home office had enough space like this one.) As I am a CEA-registered real estate salesperson, I am licensed to market and sell…