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  • freehold vs leasehold properties Roxanne Chia Realty
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    Video: Freehold vs. Leasehold Property – Which is Better?

    Keeping to the Singapore context, there is a misconception that freehold property is always better than leasehold property. Just because the freehold property remains in your name “forever,” it doesn’t mean that you overlook leasehold property completely. Some things you have to consider when buying property include: Will you be staying in this property? How old will you be when you make this purchase? What about if and when you are to sell this property in the future? What is the difference in the lifestyle of both property types? Owning a leasehold property now can actually help you to be in a better position when you retire later on. In…

  • reliable real estate agent Roxanne Chia Realty
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    Video: How to Pick a Reliable Real Estate Agent

    One of the reasons I became a realtor at the time was because I didn’t want to be scammed into buying a property by some dubious agent out there. I wanted to learn about the property market so that I could make an informed decision myself when it was time for me to buy something. Now that I’ve seen – and lived – what it’s like, here are some of my tips for you on how to pick a reliable real estate agent. (Also, if only my home office had enough space like this one.) As I am a CEA-registered real estate salesperson, I am licensed to market and sell…

  • What is the best property to buy right now Roxanne Chia Realty
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    Video: What is the Best Property to Buy Right Now?

    One of the first questions that people ask me is, “What is the best property to buy right now?” Or at least something along these lines. Sometimes, they ask me what the best property to buy in a specific district is. Sometimes, it’s whether they should get a new launch. It really depends on where you are at your home buying stage and what you’re looking to get out of your property. Unless you’re ready to throw your cash on a home and not get anything of financial value back in return, buying a property *IS* considered investing. If you’re the kind who think that buying a car in Singapore…

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    Video: 3 Biggest Mistakes of First-time Home Buyers

    Buying a home is a big decision, so thorough strategising is needed. In my experience with clients, I’m glad to have been able to teach them how not to commit to a property. Today, I’m sharing these with you. Don’t make these 3 home buying mistakes, regardless of whether you’re going to stay in it or not. In a nutshell, don’t: focus on the price instead of the value have no long-term goal/plan wait too long/never make a decision Watch my full (short) video below, where I delve into details and explain why each of these is a mistake. As I am a CEA-registered real estate salesperson, I am licensed…

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    Decoding Abbreviations – What are BSD, ABSD, MSR & TDSR in Singapore?

    First time buying a property? Abbreviations are the most confusing things ever! Here are the 4 most common terms you’ll hear when it comes to real estate in Singapore. BSD – Buyer’s Stamp Duty Basically, tax. This amount is to be paid in the initial stages, within 2 weeks after signing of the Sale & Purchase (S&P) agreement for new launch projects. Generally, the amount is calculated based on the purchase price or market value of the unit, whichever is higher. For new launch private property, the purchase price is the market value, so this is pretty straightforward. You can try your hand at my super basic BSD calculator here…

  • CPF Usage 1 2019 Roxanne Chia Realty
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    Latest CPF Usage Policies for Property Purchase

    The government has recently introduced new CPF usage policies for property purchase in Singapore. Here’s the lowdown on the changes, and what you need to take note of. All of the above information has been provided by a CEA circular sent out on 29th May 2019. IN A NUTSHELL: While it used to be that no CPF can be used for property with a remaining lease of 30 years, this has now been reduced to 20 years. Due diligence needs to be done if you are intending to purchase a property, especially if you belong to the younger generation and are intending to use your CPF monies to pay for up to…

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    Kantar Lunch Talk Highlights

    I was invited to be a panelist for a lunch talk/panel discussion yesterday at Kantar TNS, a market research agency in Singapore. The topics discussed ranged from crypto currency, financial literacy/management and of course, property. The event’s main sponsor was Standard Chartered, and for me to be featured alongside them was such an honour. The audience overall was amazing and engaging, as were the panelists and host of the day, Denise Wong from The Denise Wong Show. It was such a positive experience, not only for us teaching but also for the audience, who found the session extremely helpful and valuable. Moving forward, I believe that teaching others about property…

  • No Property Investing Roxanne Chia Realty
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    5 Reasons Property Investing is Not for You

    Investing in property is one of the safest ways to invest your hard-earned money, at least in Singapore. The property market is set in a socio-economically and politically stable country, and government intervention helps to ensure that it does not get hugely affected by the whims and fancies of the rich few. Despite that, investing in property is not for everybody. Here are 5 reasons that property investment is not for you. 1. LACK OF CAPITAL Property in Singapore is extremely expensive, where private property is considered. While public housing is affordable and accessible to a large proportion of the population, the pricing of public housing has a low threshold, beyond which…

  • Roxanne Chia Realty The Florence Residences 2
    Hougang,  New Launch Condo

    Top 10 Reasons I Bought The Florence Residences (Part 2 of 2)

    You can read Part 1 here, where I introduce our backstory and buyer profile. It helps you get an understanding of why these were my top 10 reasons for selecting a unit at The Florence Residences. 6. Location & Upcoming Transformations Being in a good location doesn’t always means being right beside an MRT station or an expressway. For me, a good location is well-connected to more places than others, and not exactly right smack in the middle of all the action.While The Florence Residences isn’t as close to an MRT station as some other developments like The Affinity or Parkwood Residences, it is still super close to Hougang and Kovan MRT…

  • Roxanne Chia Realty Florence Residence Show Flat 1
    New Launch Condo

    Top 10 Reasons I Bought The Florence Residences (Part 1 of 2)

    Buying a house, for some, is also buying a place to call home for several years. It involves a large amount of capital up front (25% down payment whoosh!), and ties you up financially for at least 3-5 years. To share with you why we bought a unit at The Florence Residences this past weekend, I thought it’s important you first know our background, so you can understand why we made the choice we did. OUR BACKSTORY We’re a newly married couple (got married in September last year), and now we’ve also got a baby on the way (it’s a girl, we’re super excited). I’m Singaporean and my husband is…